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iPhone 6 plus shows wifi and 4g but does not work

So, I own a repair shop, a customer came in and said to me.

I have this 6 plus, when I turn on wifi or 4g the signal (top left) shows full strenght or 4g, but when I go on facebook/safari/snapchat etc it does not work.

I though to my self, wifi antenna, but here comes the weird part.

If she shares mobile data with her laptop, the 4g then works (on the ipad) but not on the phone.

*sorry for bad english.

What is the problem, I have never experienced this problem.

Thank you all for help.

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It seems to me a simple software issue. I would first reset the network settings and see if that solves the issue. As second step I would reinitialize the iphone and last, if this doesn't solve the problem, I'd try a DFU restore. If there's no iCloud backup, I would do it before taking any action, to avoid losing data in the process.

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we tried resetting network settings and a restore of the phone.. no luck, she then left with her phone so there is no more testing I can do.

I came here because if the next customer has the same issue I would know what to do, but I guess this one (the phone) was a dud.


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