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CB Radio (all types) first introduced in 1958.

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How do you connect the loose wire to a cable to plug into a car

I just purchased a Cobra cb and was told (i guess because I am a woman that it would plug into the car cigarette lighter plug but when I got it home it has two wire and nothing to plug it into

Update (06/13/2017)

help me please

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Dixie Ramirez what kind of wires? Where do those wires originate from? Used or new CB? Can you post a couple of quick pictures of the wires etc. with your question? Use this guide Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda for that.


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Dixie Ramirez sounds to me like it is possible that those are your power cables. They most likely do not have the "cigarette type plug on it since some users connect their CB right to the battery. Here is some good information about the hookup:" When hooking up a CB radio one of the many decisions to figure out is how to wire it up for power. The majority of CB radios have two wires, a positive wire (red) and a negative wire (black). The positive wire needs a 13.8VDC power source and the negative wire is your ground wire.

The recommended way to hook up a CB radio is to wire both the radio’s positive and negative wires directly to the corresponding negative and positive terminals of your car battery. To do this often will require more wire than is provided with your CB radio. If you choose to wire your radio using this method you will want to make sure that any extra wire you purchase is of the same gauge or larger than the original manufacturer's wire. Also, if adding additional wire to the stock wiring make sure you use solid connectors that completely cover and protect any connections from being exposed.

If wiring to the battery you will also want to wire in fuses of proper amperage directly at the battery. The reason for this is because your long length of wire will most likely be going through the firewall and in between many different pieces of metal. If at any time there is a short anywhere along this run of wire the fuses directly at the battery will help prevent the possibility of an open circuit and risk of fire. These fuses are important and should be placed as close to the battery as possible, and these fuses are in addition to the standard fuse that comes on most CB radio power cords.

If you don’t feel comfortable running wire all the way from the radio to the battery, the next best bet is to wire a cigarette type plug onto the end of your power wires and use either your vehicle's cigarette plug or accessory plug to power your radio. Most of these type plugs are rated at 10-20 amps of power. You should check your fuse box or manual to find out the rating and amps provided for your outlets. If your CB radio requires more than 20 amps (such as a Galaxy 95T or Ranger 6900 high power version) you will need to wire your radios directly to the battery.

However you wire your radio remember to use the appropriate gauge of wire, completely cover and protect any wire connections, make sure there is no bare wire that is exposed, and always use appropriate fuses rated for your radio." from here.

Something like thismay just work for you. Unless of course you have the tools to solder the wire to the plug then get something like this.

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I just need to know how and where I can find someone to hook these two wires up to a cable to plug into a plug in . I will only use this cb maybe two or three times a year so do not want it where it is hooked up all the time/ Any suggestions


What do those wires look like? One red one black with the connector to the CB on one end and the other end not connected? In that case just get a cigarette lighter plug like suggested in the last link in my answer. Just click on the last light blue "like this"


Take your cb wires to an auto parts store. Tell em to hook you up. They can fix it for you. If not, try another auto parts store until you find one that will.


Take your cb wires to an auto parts store. Tell em to hook you up. They can fix it for you. Ask who can if they won't. If not, try another auto parts store until you find one that will.

This is only part of your problems. The radio needs an antenna. I suggest a magnetic, with a three foot wire whip. Without "Tuning of the antenna", channel one will allow you to talk far. As you select higher channels the distance you can talk will decrease. 25 - 40 will suck. (not get much distance when talking, half mile maybe. Keep any talking to a minimum on the higher channels to prevent damage to the radio)

Better yet find a CB Shop along your route, around truck stops may help, and have it checked/ tuned. Also a city may have a radio club that can help you out. When talking, talk with the mic directly in front of you. Maybe finger thickness away from your mouth.


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If your looking for something more temporary, I suggest getting one of these and wiring it up to radio. Unless the radio is really powerful, it should be fine.

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