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Repair guides and support for cassette players.

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Where can I go to have this repaired?

This Sony Walkman WM-W800 features 2 tape decks, one for playback and the other for recording.

The A deck (playback) doesn't play at all, possibly a belt issue? The B Deck (recording) does play but the sound is very muffled and scratchy. I'm looking to do a complete repair to restore it to functioning condition. I have purchased replacement belts but I'm hesitant to open the device up myself for fear of damaging any internal components. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sony Walkman WM-W800

Thanks in advance!

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@josephfese not sure where you could go to get it repaired. Try to Google it based on where you are located. remember that this will be very subjective. In the meantime in the spirit of iFixit, I'd suggest that you give it a try.

Block Image

Block Image

Only thing you really have to look out for on those are the little springs. This manual WM-W800 SM will definitely come in handy for your repair.

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