OS Will not Start, Hard drive appears to operate

The computer would turn on, screen powers on, Apple logo appears and the spinning wheel keeps on going round and round, would not boot into OS so I took it apart and tested the drive (which is a 240gb "Chronos" SSD) and connected it to my DELL just to see if it would appear in the BIOS. It did, so I assume the drive works or the OS is corrupt or there are more underlying problems with the SSD. When I took it apart, I also saw that a small portion of the cable for the sleep LED and infrared sensor going to the HDD connector was completely torn in two, so I am wondering if this cable is torn in two if that is the reason why the computer will not boot into the OS, or if it does have something to do with the torn cable, and if it is not the cable how can I install Mac OS back onto it. Thanks for any help.

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Take the battery out with a coin. Looks into the battery space and give us the EMC number.

Yes your torn cable could be hanging you up. Do you have the original system installation disk or a 10.5 or 10.6 retail DVD? If so insert it, hold down the C key and reboot. You will have to shove the disk back in. Go to the second page (the pull down menu will appear). Go to Disk Utilities and run it on the hard drive. Let us know your results.

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I do not have the system installation disk unfortunately, and the sticker that is supposed to be inside the battery compartment does not exist so I do not have the EMC number or an installation disk but could I use an ISO online and transfer it to a disk and use it on the computer from there?


A retail 10.;6.3 will work on most of these machines. Then you can download the updates from Apple. no problem with this, I did it yesterday.


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