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Earspeaker/Earpiece not working after screen replacement iPhone 7 Plus

Hello Guys,

I have replaced a iPhone 7 plus screen. After the screen replacement the speaker above does not work anymore. Everything else is working, front cam, proximity sensor etc is all working.

I replaced also the speaker and the flex with new one, but without succes.

Who can please help me out of this problem?

Thanks a lot.

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did you try to put back the old speaker? what was the reason to change the flex and the speaker and not use the original ones?


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Problem is fixed! It was a faulty front camera flex. We tried like 4 flex cables (with apple logo original), but only one worked.

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hope it is the same problem for me... Replaced an iPhone 7 Plus Cable Today and it got stock in the booting process, then took the original one, but now the earspeaker didnt work...


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I believe I did the same thing today and all you had to do is barely hit the flex or cut it slightly I didn't even cut it what I did was is I somehow split it right at the part where the earpiece connects with 4 for gold pieces are,right at the right corner on the very corner I tried to lift it in the flex like split like basically when you peel off tape,going to try a new flex tomorrow and we'll see what happens

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Here's a picture of the damage

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