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Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by HTC.

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My HTC is stuck in a boot loop, how do I fix that?

When I turn it on it stays on the HTC LOGO. When I press the power on and the volume down, this is what appears on the screen:



HBOOT - 1.57.0000

RADIO - 1.00.05. 20929

eMMC - boot

JUNE 18 2012, 10:22:43

I have tried fast boot, reset, and others and press power and I get the HTC logo AGAIN. Can you give me step by step instructions on how to fix this problem?

Thank you and God bless. Mary O. ><>

Update (05/31/2017)

I have an HTC ONE that is 5 years old. I opened the bottom/back & this is the information:




Made in Taiwan

FCC ID: NM8PK76310

Thank you so much for responding, I hope and pray you will be able to help me.

Mary ><>

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This should sort your phone out

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I went to the forum developers website and read the directions and it was clear as mud. Since I am computer illiterate I could not understand what I read. I went to the and I got information about "The adMarketplace Search Network." I could not figure out how to download it the correct RUU. I am hopeless, but thanks for trying.


Which HTC do you have?


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