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Nikon 5200 charger not working

Hi , I have Nikon 5200 camera.

Recently camera charger fall down and it stopped working. Can it be repaired?

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Have you tried checking if the there is any voltage on the terminals with a multi meter. I would suggest checking that first.


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Vinayak Shindagi, The cable or charge port may be damaged. The battery, cable/charger or charge port may be faulty damaged. Look in the charge port and blow/pick out(carefully) any dust/debri that may be causing an issue also look in the port for any bent pins and straighten very carefully with a tooth pick. Try a different compatible charger/cord to see if that is the issue. If different compatible charger/cord does not fix and port looks/test good, the battery or connection could be bad, if able to clean battery connections and reconnect/install battery, still not charging battery probably faulty. If port is found to be bad/loose/damaged , this is really not a repair for the inexperienced because the charge port for your device is soldered to the mother board and the heat generated could cause further damage if not very careful. I will post a link to a tear down guide to get you inside the camera to check the charge port,connections and other components for being loose/burnt/damaged. If not wanting to do the repair yourself have a good local camera repair shop have a look and estimate repair. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Nikon D5200 Motherboard Or Camera Back Replacement

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