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Lanciato da Samsung a marzo 2016. Modello SM-G930.

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urgent - no sim after screen repair

Hi all, I have a problem that I need to fix in 24 hours. I've just done a screen repair on a customers Samsung S7, something that I have done many times before however this time after putting it back together, it isn't reading the sim. This of course is a major problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Does the phone still have an IMEI and baseband listed under settings about phone / status?

If it's null or 0049xxx then the IMEI is gone or the baseband chip that controls IMEI has gone bad.


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take the sim out and clean the gold part, if that does not resolve the issue then, try to factory reset the phone hopefully that might fix the issue.

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What the best thing to do that with? An eraser?


clean it with 91% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol .


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