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Water Problem, Can it be fixed?

Hi All,

I have got this Note 3 N9005, a year ago, the screen just went off suddenly, after inspection I found some water in, not knowing when it happened. I took the battery off, dried it with hair dryer, leave it overnight. Next day I put the battery back and switched the phone on, but nothing happened. At that time I had bought another phone. Now I'm in need for it again after my iPhone has been damaged, is there any possibility it can be returned back to live.

Thank you

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Electronics Water Damage

That would be your best bet. If it doesnt work, then your outta luck.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Teardown

That guide will show you how to take it apart.

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Thanks Cameron

I have done all the steps, but when I switched the phone on, it seems that it works fine except the screen. It is black, but the touch screen works. So can I take it is a faulty screen?


How do you know touch works? And check your connections first. If they are fine, then that might be the way to go


I switched the phone on, and from the beeps when pressing the volume up and buttons, I knew it was working, I have put a SIM card and called the number, and when I swapped my finger on the screen, I was able to answer the call, which meant the touch screen worked, but it was pitch-black, and I don't know what does that mean.


Did you check your connections


I have double checked all the connections and nothing wrong with them.


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