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La quarta generazione della Volkswagen Jetta, chiamata anche MK4 o Bora, è una berlina da famiglia della Volkswagen.

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everything is working except the ac clutch what should I do

My ac clutch disengaged pulley working fans working everything is working except the ac clutch what should I do

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@timothy001 there are a whole bunch of things that could be causing this. First of course you have to make sure that your system is fully charged. If it is not, your clutch will not engaged. Then there is a switch that would turn of the clutch when the system pressure is to high or not enough refrigerant. To determine proper A/C system performance, perform the following functional checks with the switch installed and connected.

- With the engine running, briefly bridge terminal 1 and 2 of connector. If the A/C clutch -N25- engages, the refrigerant circuit is empty.

- Check refrigerant capacity (fill). If system pressure is too low (refrigerant leakage), -F129- switches A/C clutch off.

Block Image

Switches to check would be #5 A/C pressure switch (with everything else in proper working order, this would be my first choice) #8 Ambient temperature switch. For #5 it is important to know that the Switch/sensor can be removed without discharging refrigerant system.

If unsure about doing all this, I'd consult an AC technician for this.

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