Why is there "no connection?"

A little over two weeks ago, my RCA Galileo Pro battery died and when I got it back on, the wifi wouldn't work. I tried forgetting and then retrying our network, and it said the usual stuff like "Obtainging IP Address" and everything like it's supposed to, but then it said "Connected, no connection" before ending with "Connected." Despite the word of confirmation, the wifi still wouldn't work on it. I tried turning it off and back on, as well as leaving and retrying putting in the password to our network several times, however each attempt failed. I checked to make sure it wasn't a network problem, asking my mother and sister about their connections as well as checking to see if our Tivo services were still available, which resulted in finding that all the connections and services were fine. I took my tablet out with me and found that it would do the same thing with any network I tried connecting it to. This problem persisted for nearly a week, about six days, until one morning I woke up, and the minute I turned my tablet on, the wifi connected and I started getting all the missed notifications. For about nine days after that, the wifi was working fine again. Until yesterday, I was using the wifi when it suddenly stopped working and froze. I tried turning it off and back on and when I did, the wifi problems from before started occurring again with the same "Connected, no connection" message before the final "Connected" message. I'm confused as to what's going on and I hope someone knows how to try and fix it.

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