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How to activate without a sim at all

Hi community :)

i am wanting to use my phone just on WiFi however it has been reset and needs to be activated ! The sim card slot is damaged so i can't put a sim into it .

Any ideas to by-pass the activation

Cheers guys

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Does not happen.

Fix the SIM card slot first.

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as far as i understand , you need to weld in a new sim card slot , is this true ?


Depends. You will either need to open it yourself to inspect or see if someone can fix it (I recommend this option, sometimes it's just something stuck in there or pins needing re-alignment.

Paying for someone else to fix it is most of the time worth it in this situation to avoid DIY screw ups causing irreparable damage or more damage, it's not a easy thing to replace).


Probably best. Something tells me they swam a prying device in the sim slot, from the outside. Pay a good board level repair shop to replace it. Probably around $100. 6+. Should still be worth it


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An iPod is basically an iPhone with a smaller screen and no cell function. Sell your iPhone, then get an iPod. Alternatively, do what @tomchai said. Fix the Sim slot.

You could slice it into peices with a 100,000 PSI water jet and make an awesome YouTube video!

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