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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by LINSAY.

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Why won't my tablet recognize my SD Card?

Won't download movies or music to sd card google says the re is no external storage

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What is the exact model of the tablet?


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Hi there!

When you inserted the card in the tablet, did the tablet offer to format the card? Can you pull the card up on the tablet through any sort of 'file explorer', etc? Can you access the information currently on the card through the tablet? It may sound like simple and silly questions I'm asking, but the answers to these questions could help me ...or another you figure out what's amiss.

A few other questions: Does the sd card work in a computer? you have another tablet or possibly a smartphone you could place the sd card in to see if it functions in other devices as is?

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Inserted card into phone and it worked. Plugged into computer and formatted and now everything works fine. Thank you very much


I'm so glad everything's working, now. Yay!


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