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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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How do you remove the front panel to access the water pump?

I found the problem. There was a blockage in the drain hose located between the pump and the washer tub. The blockage was a small cloth that was wedged between the check valve and the end of the hose that feeds the pump. I also found 10 coins and miscellaneous items in the basin of the pump. Lesson learned - always check the pockets before loading clothes into the washing machine.

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Here's where to get the repair manual:

1. Remove the three screws in the back of the machine that holds the top of the washer on. The top case should slide back and then lift off.

2. With the dispenser tray off, remove the torx screw behind it.

3. Now take a putty knife and gently place it under the console just above the door. Gently lift up and pull the console from the left hand side first. It should gradually pop off. Be careful not to damage any of the wire connectors. Lay the console across the top of the washer.

4. Remove door by removing the hinge screws. Support the door while loosening so that it doesn't fall.

5. Feel around behind the rubber door boot at the door opening. There will be a wire retaining hoop holding the rubber boot to the door frame. Find the tension spring at the bottom of the door and pull the hoop out of the groove.

6. Pull door boot off the door frame opening and push it inside the drum. DO NOT remove the boot from the wash tub.

7. Remove the three screws holding the door latch assembly to the front of the washer.

8. The only thing left holding the front of the washer on is four screws. One on each corner at the top and one on each corner at the bottom.

Once you remove the last four screws the front of the washer will come right off. I know this seems very involved, but it is simple if you follow the steps given. Reassemble everything in reverse order. Use care when handling the wire harness of the console and the door. Make sure you put the door latch assembly back on FIRST before you reinstall the rubber boot. When reinstalling the door boot reseat the gasket all the way around the door frame first. Then take the wire hoop and reinsert in the groove starting at the 12 o'clock position and work your way around to the 4 and 8 o'clock positions. You might want to have a second person assist you with holding the hoop in place at this point. With tension holding the hoop into the groove, take the remaining portion of the wire hoop and pull down while spreading the tension spring apart to snap it back into place along the bottom of the door. This will be your greatest challenge. The console will snap back into place by inserting the bottom edge first then snapping the top into place. Let me know if you need further assistance. I hope this helps you.

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