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L'Apple iPhone 5s è stato presentato il 10 settembre 2013. La riparazione di questo dispositivo è simile a quella dei modelli precedenti e richiede cacciaviti e strumenti di estrazione. Disponibile nelle versioni GSM o CDMA con capacità di 16 , 32 o 64 GB nei colori Argento, Oro e Grigio Siderale.

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iPhone 5s when plugged in screen flash logo then black

i got an iphone 5s, screen is black.

When plugged it in, the screen will flash logo once, then again black.

i removed the battery and plugged it in, same thing, one flash.

Any idea what could be the problem?

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Does the backlight still stay off after the logo goes off?


Nick, I think I know where you are getting at: Might be an iPhone 5s that is stuck in DFU recovery mode.

This is usually caused when the device is not turned off properly (Sometimes during repair). I fixed this by doing a restore, it had to be restored in my case. Try update first OP.


backlight stay off, after the logo flash, i will try a dfu recovery/restore.


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It's either the battery, or you need to restore. Like the latter. Try this first

Plug your device into your computer with a USB cable.

Turn off the device.

Hold the Power button for 3 seconds.

Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds.

Release the Power button but keep holding the Home button.

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i did remove the battery and plugged it in, same flash, so, most likely not the battery. If i need to restore, it should give me the itunes logo.


Using the same battery doesn't rule it out. Using a known good one will


Also if you're gonna help out on here. Which I appreciate. You should make an @ tag in your profile. Like this @refectio you're awesome! Now he's gonna see that in his notifications and is gonna look here. It's a way we use to communicate here, in this sea of answers

da, what...what's going on here...did someone call me? You're awesome too Mr. THEiMedic!


@imedic about the battery, what i mean was that i disconnected the battery and plug in the charger, it gives me the same logo flash. but i will try a good battery.


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