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Camera won't work please help

Vikng tablet camera won't work. Suggests locate app that uses same.

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You may have another app using it that's running in the background? Tell me what steps you've already tried to troubleshoot it. (I.E. Rebooting the device)


I don't know what to be look ing for as the tablet does't appear to have a camera working anywhere. I've rebooted several times. I've done a complete restart multiple times. And, nothing changed except it now takes nearly 15 minutes once the tablet is turned on before it gets to the start page. :( I appreciate all your support and ideas! S~


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@suzzetteg, Suzzette, A lot of forums recommend a factory reset when you run into issues as you are having, sometimes software, Apps, etc. can become corrupt and cause problems with devices. The link below will give instructions on how to perform hard/factory reset. Doing this will delete all existing data, so you will want to save import info o another device, SD card, etc.. If reset is not working,and under a week old, return the device as defective or exchange/refund, before your time runs out to do it over the counter.Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I appreciate your input. Unforttunately, I've already done that a few times. There was no change in the camera, although now the tablet takes 13-15 minutes to load. :( This is brand new, less than 4 days owned since delivered. Disappointed and stymied. Again, thanks.


@suzzetteg,Suzzette, If reset is not working, return the device as defective for exchange/refund as camera may bedefective, before your time runs out.


I bought two rca phones and two rca tablets, and camera not working on the phone, I bought them at Canadian Tires ,last year August, but am

in st.Lucia ,what can I do with it


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