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A 3 Speed, 5-Litre capacity bowl, Counter Mixer made by Hobart Corporation, the manufacturer of one of the most recognized pieces of American innovation from the 20th century – the KitchenAid stand mixer.

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The unit looks in great shape, but won't go out of 3 rd. speed.

The unit looks in excellent condition . It's been in storage a few years, as i I moved out of state, to a new house. I got it from the company I retired from. never tried it till now & it's in 3rd. speed & runs great, but i can't get it to go into 2nd. or 1st. speed & don't want to force the lever. Can you help me with a suggestion or two ?

Bill @

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unplugged, remove the screws holding the shift lever plate ...and switch. old units have a short cast lever in a small panel. newer rod with ball end. you will see a rod protruding through a flat plate with u shaped slot. 1st is left and up. 2 is middle of the bottom and 3 is right and up. your shift lever moves that rod to the 3 positions. Yours will be in that upper right corner.

If the yoke on your lever is free to turn and engaging the rod, things are stuck inside. You may have hardened grease which means disassembly, cleaning and regrease. you may be able to move that rod with some tool. properly greased and adjusted, it's not that hard. You are probably not going to hurt anything applying some gorillas. everything pivots on hefty shafts and it's spring loaded. the little rod is on the end of what is called the tumbler which has the assorted gears. a spring holds the tumbler against the drive gear, and the rod pulls against the spring and allows the tumbler to move along a shaft into each gear position. tumbler slides forward and back on a keyed shaft. prying the rod down is working against the spring and pivoting slightly. Pry down the "U". It may release the goo, and running it in all gears may redistribute the grease. Since it runs OK in gear, chances are that nothing serious is broken inside. All of the parts are turning all of the time. It's just that different gears are meshed.

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bemede1 , Find below links to the user manual and the service manual. The service manual can show how to disassemble the gear box if necessary to check if something is out of place or needs lubrication. Good luck with your mixer.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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I know this thread is old, but this may help others.

The problem actually may be in the interlock system which maybe stuck. The interlock plunger is a flat bar that moves with the switch lever and engages the interlock disc on the shifter shaft behind the plate. When you remove the switch plate assembly as mr. fixit  suggests above, check to see if the gear lever moves and check if the interlock plunger behind the plate is out of position locking the shift lever.

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