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Fitness and sleep tracking band that also displays caller ID information when paired with a smartphone app. Released November 2014.

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My son's fitbit wont hold charge

My son's fitbit Charge, which he received from a relative for Christmas 2016, does not hold its charge for any longer than 4 hours. This is driving him, and now me, mental. Does anyone know how I can either remedy the situation here at home, or where I can take it for repair in the vacinity of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia?

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For a device like these the batterys overcharge very easily because they take such a short time to charge, I have have my fitbit hr charging for more than an hour if I can, it only really takes like 15 minutes.

But it sounds like the battery might just have been defective, I'd contact fitbit and submit the device for RMA.

Fitbit support page

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I sure wish we could replace these batteries :-/


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