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Chrome not installing on laptop computer

I have a problem with my laptop computer because it will not install google chrome. I try to open the file but it says: Not a valid exe application. I downloaded it from so what is wrong. I really want to view my Pinterest on my laptop

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Considering your computer is running windows ME, it must be painfully slow. If you are just using it for chrome and Pinterest, I'd consider buying a chromebook, which are very affordable.

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@shellysea download it from here. It will also help if you let us know what OS you are running on your computer (Windows ver?)

Update (02/27/2017)

Ok what does your computer say when you power it up? Win Me does not support Chrome. There is a way around this but it is pretty cumbersome and not really efficient. Consider either to upgrade your OS or use a browser that support Me.

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The sticker on my laptop says designed for windows ME


It says Windows ME, do I need to buy a new computer to run chrome? I have had this computer for 13 years, it's kind of slow.


I am not sure that I would suggest to buy a new computer just so that you can run Chrome. I'd use a different browser. Something that is compatible with your OS.


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