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wifi signal very bad after screen replacement

Hi All.

I recently cracked the screen on my ipad 2. Despite the crack the wifi and screen worked perfectly.

Not wishing to damage it any further I carefully transported it to a tech repair company, who replaced the screen.

Once I got it home I found the wifi range had reduced from 30 feet to 1 foot.

Have spent lots of time with my internet provider trying other options to improve it, with no success.

My question is "could the tech company have damaged the wifi aerial when they replaced the glass?"

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Hi. Yes they most def could damaged the Wifi Antenna as it adhered just the the R/H of the home button. Poor Wifi is very common on iPad 2 after Digi replacements if you don't know what your doing. You can ask them about replacing it but I don't like your chances as you maybe up for another screen. Hope it works out

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Hi Lee. Thanks for your prompt reply. After they replaced the screen there is now a fine vertical opaque line which they accept shouldn't be there and they are going to do it again. So hopefully they can sort the antenna at the same time. Do you think this will be possible?


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