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No sound but with headphones it does.

My tablet has no volume. But only with headphones I can hear everything.

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Hi Patricia

Maybe your speakers are gone and need replacing.

Hope this help

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Ok thanks I will do that & hopefully that's the problem if not then maybe I need a new tablet.


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Hi @pattyflores,

The problem could also be with the headphone socket. e.g. faulty connection (dry joint) or faulty socket contacts

When you plug in a set of headphones, depending on the type of headphone socket used, there is either a contact that operates inside the socket itself, that signals to the audio controller that the headphones have been plugged in and the audio is electronically switched away from the speaker and onto the headphone socket. The other option is if the socket has 2 sets of changeover contacts internally situated in the socket. What happens then is when the headphones plug is inserted the contacts switch over and disconnect the audio from the main speakers and onto the springs connecting to the headphones plug.

This information is in case you find that there is nothing wrong with the speakers. It may be prudent to check out the socket connections before purchasing the speakers just in case. Check the socket connections to the motherboard in the tablet to see what type it is. The more connections (>6) the more likely it will be the 2nd option, and then if it is the 2nd option verify that the contacts are operating / restoring correctly by using an Ohmmeter to prove continuity when a headphones plug is inserted and removed. Do this with the tablet battery disconnected from the motherboard.

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