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The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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S4 Constantly Lags/Freezes randomly


My Galaxy S4 phone tends for freeze up/lag a lot in the last month.

It lags when:

-My phone is locked and I hit the power or home button. The screen quickly flashes on and off, and will stay dark until a minute or two later when it finally releases itself and then I can use the phone again.

-When I'm texting. The screen freezes and can't type anything. After a few moments the screen goes black. I hit the power/home button and everything works again.

-I'll be randomly using the phone, and then the phone freezes and like the previous post, have to wait til the freeze/lags releases the phone before I can use it again.


- The freezing/lagging happens randomly. It can happen after 6 hours of usage, or after 5 minutes after powering up my phone.

-Did a factory reset, but that hasn't solved the problem

-Wiped the Cache Partition. Nothing.

Is there a way to isolate the problem and figure out what is causing this?


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Have you tried using it with the correct charger connected and switched on and see if it occurs?

I'm wondering if you are experiencing a failing battery, (not just a battery discharging through use) i.e. voltage level dropping due to load, when reset or process finished, minimal load therefore voltage back up to normal.

Good batteries should maintain their voltage level admittedly dropping slightly with load but not as far or as quickly as when the battery is starting to fail. Using the correct charger will maintain a constant voltage level irrespective of the battery.

If it still occurs then at least you have only spent a bit of time on it and that you have also eliminated the possibility of a battery problem.

Just a thought.

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I feel like this is a software than a battery problem.

It happens when I use an app, or unlocking the phone, rather than the battery training etc.

The new charger is plug has been the same since it came with the phone, but the cable is a few months old. The problem started a month ago~.

Otherwise battery useage seems to be normal

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Hi @djkomic


All I was suggesting is that you run it on the charger to see what happens that is all. Not talking about the charger or the cable or even calibrating the battery just suggesting that you see what happens. As I said it will only take the amount of time (you mentioned from 5 minutes to 6 hours) until it happens again, if it does that is, to prove my contention that perhaps there is a battery problem - due to age, even rechargeable batteries have a life span - right or wrong.


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