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Brightness can be set only on low setting

Hello community,

I have a Thunderbolt Display which was used with my Macbook Pro (Windows 8.1 via Boot Camp). 2 days ago it made a clicking sound and the picture went dark on the Windows OS. After that I took the Monitor home and tested it with my Macbook Pro at home (OS Sierra). I can set the brightness in the Apple OS but only from Dark - 1 -2 Points (using ctrl + f2), when I go on the next one (Number 3) it doesn´t get brighter and the picture starts to flicker. All the next brightness Settings do not change the flickering or get brighter.

Installed the Firmware 1.2 - didn´t do any change.

Maybe someone had a similar issue...

Thanks in advance!


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I lifted the LCD Pannel, checked all the Connections (couldn´t see any problems). Left it alone for 3 days. After that it started working as usual again....


Did the issue ever come back?


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It sounds like something went screwy with the power regulator that feeds the backlight.

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Well after I unplugged the Monitor it showed the same symptoms... Can I somehow repair the power regulator for the backlight? Or do I have to change it?


Have a similar issue. If display brightness is set to above 70% after several minutes of use the screen goes black. Works totally fine if the brightness is below 70% (approximately). Replaced the power supply and tried a separate TB cable neither helped resolve the issue.


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