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The Nexus 6 is an Android phone developed by Google and Motorola released in 2014 with a 6-inch display.

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Nexus 6 damaging charging cables

I'm having this really weird problem and I've no idea if there's any solution available online.

From past few months, whatever charger I'm putting in it, it's just not working ever again. It takes time, but after like 1-2 weeks the cable just doesn't work.

It has happened to over 4 charging cables now, all this time I thought that it happened because of one charger, but now I think it's because of the phone. Please tell me what to do asap as I don't want to waste more wires on this.

I couldn't find anything anywhere while searching online, every tutorial is regarding a broken cable or something. There's absolutely no damage anyhow on the cable, it's just that it has stopped working from inside. And I've tested on different adapters and different wires, all the wires aren't working now i.e. some don't charge at all, others charge at below 100mah(the adapter's I used were 1A and 2A)

It's a big tension for me as I just can't be going on buying cables every week or month just for this. Please please help!

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Are the cables getting 'hot' when charging the phone, especially the connectors at either end?

If so are you buying 'cheap' cables? They may be skimping on the wire gauge used.

Are you sure that there is no damage to the pins in the connector of the charge cable at both ends? Use a magnifying glass and a strong light to double check.

Have you checked the pins in the charge port of the phone to make sure that they are all straight and parallel with each other and that there is no lint or dust in the port enclosure? Use a magnifying glass and a strong light to check.

How have you tested the cables, did you use the cables on a different device and they still didn't work?


1. not at all

2. nope, one was original wire which came with phone, other were amazonbasics

3. I think so no damage, is it possible to upload a pic or send it to you somehow just to see whether that's the problem?

4. yes

5. yup, but they worked before, it's only after using in nexus 6 for some time that they stop working for all devices.

I visited a local shop, they said based on my description that charging port needs to be replaced. I live in Mumbai, India and it'll now cost me much for this and the problem isn't 100% with port, it's just that it is damaging the cable and i'm having to replace it every month or so.

Also see:

dmxvi's comment in the thread, it's the same problem as mine.

I'm really really tensed with this and I've no idea what to do, I just can't go on and keep affording these many cables. I'll visit moto centre for the same now but I'm just wondering what will help me now!


Hi, If you have access to an Ohmmeter (function found in most DMM (Digital Multimeters) test the continuity of all the wires in the cable to see which one is faulty. If it is always the same wire, in every cable it will be a clue as to what may be happening

Here is link that shows how to add pictures.

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No I don't have a DMM nor I've any experience of doing anything with it, I'll have to wait then till some friend of mine has one and can use and tell me the issue, but till then I'm also concerned with what should I do with the phone, what exactly is causing the damage from the phone?


Sir please help me with this @jayeff


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Hi have you tried the official nexus charging cable? If so then chances are it's a problem with the charging port.

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Same trouble with my Nexus too….charging leads gets damaged itself after few charges….

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