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10.1" Android tablet released in June of 2011. Samsung GT-P7510MA

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Kindle app won't open!

Since recent update, I'm unable to open my Amazon Kindle app.

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Same problem except the app was on my phone. I forced stopped. Didn't work. I uninstalled it. When I try to download the app again it still says download pending. Haha! I was smack middle of an excellent book! Help!


Thanks... worked perfectly!!


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Go to Settings --> Applications (or Apps)

Find the Kindle app.

Click Force Stop.

Uninstall the Kindle app.

Download a fresh copy from Google Play store, and it should be fine.

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If i do this will i lose all my books i have paid for


You may have to download the books again, but you do not have to pay for them again. You can actually go to to see all the books you purchased and make sure they are all in your account before moving forward. If you are missing books, you can complain to Amazon on missing purchase (I've had this happen before).


It did not work, I fgollowed yor instructions.


In that case, you may have to hard reset the entire tablet. Follow the instructions on this page, but make sure you back up your information such as photos and documents.


@davidvila, no -- this is a tablet. And you need to warn about losing data. That's what a reset does.


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the above did not help in my case. i have a Nook tablet 7. my wife has the same device and the kindle app works fine, but on mine, it is either disappearing or keeps reporting a problem. have tried the above several times and a couple other answers i found thru google. it dawned on me that it could be the extra gb card i added to the nook. sure enough, i removed it, reinstalled kindle and it went into the built-in memory on the tablet, and works like a charm. reinserted the exrta memory and everything working fine. so it seems that app didn't like being put into the extra memory slot. seems strange as the other apps i have downloaded work fine with it.

just my 2 cents worth,

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OMG, that fixed it for me! Thank you, thank you!


This fixed it for me! Thank you!


Thanks so much. Worked like a charm!


Thank you so much! This worked.


@druhm that you your a life saver been disappointed for weeks


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Firstly, click on the kindle locked button to unlock your Kindle device

Then go to Kindle device setting and click to down and you get application manager so, find here your kindle app to uninstall.

After all these you can download new Kindle app from the play store.

Use your new kindle app with your Old Amazon Account.

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1 tryed that;it didn't work.


I tried that it didn't work!


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