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How do I know if my screen is genuine?

I recently got my screen replaced and paid over $400 for the repair but the back part is made of plastic and not metal like the original. I have the original screen but I want to know if I should take this back since it seems like a knock-off. It works fine despite the aesthetics of the macbook. (Although, isn't that one reason to buy a mac anyway?)

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You have not been sold a genuine lid. Some parts companies sell a manually assembled cheaper hard plastic lid assembly, which has all original parts (screen, hinge cover, etc) except the lid, which is made of a grey plastic. Personally, I don't know why they make these, they look and feel horrible and I have never offered this to any of my customers as an option.

Send it back. For 400$, I would have thought they would fit a genuine one, since plastic ones are usually £50 cheaper over here.

FYI there are 3 grades of assemblies for Retinas available;

Plastic backing (like you have)

Minor defects (rejects from factory, but completely original. will either have minor marks on the aluminium or minor defects with the screen. the majority from eBay are this grade, even if they say 100% new)

Original (in a grey bag with black diagonal stripes. comes with new rubber hinge screw covers, and "gamma tested" stickers on the screen protector. exactly the same as Apple use, but difficult to get hold of)

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That makes a lot of sense... I didn't know about this site when I went to get it fixed. I never saw the screen before the laptop was fixed- So if the screen itself is original can I just have the aluminum backing taken from the other screen and put on to replace the plastic backing?


Unfortunately it isn't that easy. The screen would have to be removed (without cracking it, which is very difficult to do), and the lids have backlight sheets integrated, so you can't really buy these new since they get scratched by dust, etc.

Just return it to whoever replaced it. If they did not make it clear to you the replacement would be plastic, I don't see how they could refuse this.


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I have never seen a plastic display for this model.

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