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Repair and troubleshooting information for the ATT Trek HD tablet with model number 9020A. This 8 inch tablet was sold by AT&T starting in May 2015.

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Cant find replacement screens for my ATT Trek Tablet HD 9020A

I have an ATT Trek Tablet 8 inch display model 9020A and I cant find a replacement screen for it. I dont need the digitizer only the screen replacement. I have looked at all my resources that I know of. Anyone know for sure where I can find them at?

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My screen cracked need a new one can someone guide me please


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Here you go.

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Thank you for your reply, I found this one too but it's the display screen (digitizer), I only need the outside glass screen.


Ok, your terminology is confused then. What you are looking for IS the digitizer. What I provided is the LCD screen.

You are looking for this, correct?


Yes this is what I am looking for...thank you for your help.


I can not find replacement glass screen for ZTE K88 trek 2. Glass is cracked but screen turns on and is visible.


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