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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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loud noise during spin cycle

It makes a loud banging noise during rotation of the drum.

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Drum is hitting sides of washer because it is out of balance.

Shaking during the high speed spin portion of the cycle in these washers can be caused by several problems including:

  • Leveling legs not adjusted properly
  • Unstable flooring under the washer
  • Failure to remove the shipping bolts before using the washer.
  • Failure in the suspension system of the washer

Here are some tips that may help you prevent vibration and walking in a front load washer:

  • Check your installation instructions to see if your washer has shipping bolts. Make sure the shipping bolts were properly removed when the washer was installed. Some washers have different packing and shipping bolts. Your washer may not have this type of bolts.
  • Make sure that your washer is leveled properly from front to back and side to side with all 4 leveling feet firmly on the floor. Press down on diagonally opposing corners to see if the washer rocks slightly. If it does, the leveling feet will need to be adjusted to eliminate the rocking.
  • Most models will have locking nuts for the leveling legs. Once the leveling feet have been adjusted properly, make sure that the locking nuts are properly tightened.
  • Front load washers work best when they are on floors with a concrete slab foundation. If you have the washer on a wood floor with joints underneath, then you may need to check the stability of the flooring under the washer.

These tips may help you resolve your shaking and vibration problem with the washer. Source: Tammy On Another Site.

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On the back top right (left if you're facing the machine) there is a round plastic lid-type cover piece that catches and turns to secure itself to the machine by attached to the venting hose which is attached to the drum. When the drum is out of balance it causes the air hose that expels through the plastic cover to become lose and fall off the back of the machine. A technician showed me the hose and how it's connected to the drum during a repair. You do not have to take off the cover of the entire machine to place the cover piece back on. You simply need to pull the machine away from the wall so you can get access to the hose with your fingers. Pull it out as far as it will go, which is only about a 1/4". Take the cover lid with one hand and slowly place in on the hose, turning gently so as not to push the hose back in. There is a groove in the lid which secures to a slight lip at the end of the hose. Any time you hear the drum becoming slightly unbalanced, just feel back to the cover piece and turn slightly to be sure it remains secured.

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