My kid's phone receives my calls ... but not my texts

My number isn't blocked or blacklisted, and I can receive calls and texts from his phone. Any ideas why? (He's using a OnePlus 3, me a OnePlus 3T.)

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Are you both on the same carrier? I have seen where the phone accepts texts from other carriers but not within the carrier. Also did you or your kid port your number from one carrier to another. I had a heckuva time with a user who couldn't get texts after we transferred his phone from Sprint to AT&T due to an non-completed port transaction.




Can you send texts to other phones OK?


OnePlus 3 /3T is an unlocked phone that is not sold by any carriers. What carrier are you? You may need to manually program in the APN for the phone.


Hi @avanteguarde ,

Would that be still applicable given i/c and o/g calls work on the OnePlus3/3T?


Hi Jayeff,

The APN is only for data, MMS, and SMS. Calls are independent of this, which only relies on the SIM card ICCID and ESN/IMEI number on the phone. I have half a dozen phones (I change phones like I change shoes). I have to add APN info for data and messaging every new phone I get. APN is also embedded in the SIM card, but some phones don't correctly pull it, so manually configuring it is necessary.


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