iPhone 6 vs 6S home button

Customer came in with a screen from my competitor and a home button from an iPhone 6 in her iPhone 6S. It was of course not working (no home button functionality). I have tons of parts, so I am having trouble finding the right part.

How do I tell the difference between iPhone 6 and 6S home buttons?


I just found the difference, but since it wasn't here already I'll post the picture:

Block Image

The 6s has the numbers "00459-01" on it, and the 6 home buttons have "2441" on them.

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this is the image that gives that answer. red is 6S and green is 6 only.


I'd say rather than depending on the numbers (which change depending on the manufacturer) i'd focus on the ground points on each flex cable. As pictured, the top home button alignment hole that is grounded is found on the bottom hole where as on the 6 its on the top. Notice the exposed copper. This helped me because my parts don't have the same numbers but they all have the same ground pattern.


The iPhone 6 also have the number 00487


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