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L'aggiornamento di Marzo 2015 della linea 13" dei Macbook Pro con Retina Display (modello A1502) adotta processori Intel Core i5 ed i7 di quinta generazione, introduce inoltre il trackpad Force Touch.

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MacBook Pro (Early 2015) Retina 13" Display Black Screen with Chime

Hi there -

The display on my Macbook Pro (Early 2015) Retina 13" is black when I turn it on - I hear the chime, the keyboard backlight still works, sound works. But I noticed that the backlight on the Apple logo does not turn on.

I've tried everything that was recommended by others - such as trying the PRAM reset and resetting the System Management Controller. But no luck here. I was able to log on briefly with the screen display working correctly - weirdly, it asked me to select a language and prompted me to answer why I was having trouble logging in. I didn't really pay attention to all of this as I was just eager to log on.....

I took it to the genius bar yesterday, but they said it could be a display issue that would need to be sent in for repair. I have a little hope in me that this can be fixed without having to spend $500 - a little upsetting that I've had this for less than 2 years.

Any guidance, tips, fixes are welcome. Thank you so much in advance!

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Having the exact same problem sometimes the screen would work and then flash random colours or be perfectly fine or then just go dead


If you shine a flashlight through the apple logo into the Lcd while the screen is on, do you see anything on the LCD at all? If so, then there is an issue with the LED backlight for the computer, which is a common point of failure particularly if the laptop was liquid damaged.


I do see the screen if I shine through the apple logo. Ah, that's helpful. Thanks.


Just got mine repaired under warranty, the motherboard had gone


can any1 show me the backlight fuse location in logic board


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What's the history of the machine? Sounds like it has has an accident or someone has reinstalled a new system. Hook it up to an external monitor and see if you get anything on that.

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No accidents/drops - rarely traveled with me. I did update to OS X Sierra a few days before this started happening. I'll try to hook it up on the external monitor later today.

What would be the difference in the issues at hand if I'm able to connect to an external monitor and see my screen VS not able to hook it up to an external monitor? Thanks.


Let's address solutions as needed, I'm a working man and it's Monday. Trying to get out six machines today.


Of course.

Hi there again - I just tried it on an external monitor and I was able to hook it up. What does that mean? Please let me know if you have any next steps for me. Thanks.


Friends, did you actually solved it in a way that now you are able to use your Macbook without connecting to any other external devices through HDMI ?

I have the exactly same problem and I can't find any solution for it.

I'm actually willing to pay for online assistance if we can solve it any other way than replacing the logic board. I live in Brazil and they are charging unthinkable amounts of money for a new logic board here. It's crazy!

Please let me know if there's any other solution


I solved it! I just disconnected the 40 pins video cable then plug it back again and voila! Screen back online.


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Here’s how I got it to work. Few days ago the Macbook Pro 2015 suddenly booted to a blank, dark screen. No light was coming from the screen. But it worked fine connected to an external 4k monitor via HDMI. I reset SMC and PRAM multiple times but that didn’t work. So I opened the back as suggested by iFixit and disconnected and reconnected the battery and the screen connector. The MacBook Pro screen was still not working but now it showed faint light from the screen. Reset the SMC and PRAM once again, no change.

Then I connected it to an old Dell LCD monitor with far lower screen resolution than the newer 4k monitor. This time I was using a Mini-DisplayPort to VGA adapter to connect to the Dell monitor.

While playing with the scaled resolution setting for the Dell display in macOS preferences, I took it down to the lowest resolution and suddenly the MacBook Pro screen came alive. Disconnected the display and it’s working fine now. Hope this helps someone.

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Thank you for your comment! I’m going to try this method

Do you have any tutorial to recommend?

Do I need special tools?


Hi, you need some tools for opening the Macbook Pro. Search for Pentalob screwdriver or macbook pro kits. iFixit has various kits that will work Essential Electronics Toolkit

To open the back and disconnect the battery, I followed the following guide from step 1 through 6. Then I jumped directly to step 11 to disconnect and reconnect the display connector once, while battery was still disconnected. Connected the battery after 5 mins and that was it.

Sostituzione gruppo schermo MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display inizio 2015

In my case, I also used a 1080p resolution Dell LCD monitor to “reset” the MacBook Pro display.


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i connected to an external monitor with hdmi, and when I disconnect the cable, my macbook it's black screen again

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Disconnect the battery first then disconnect/reconnect the display conection see if it works. If not then disconnect/ connect i&o connection. Be careful and read tutorials in this site. Worked on mine mbp early 2015. Thanks


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Don’t work without connecting it to a hdmi

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