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Improving speaker sound in tablets

I am starting a business providing tablets to elderly people, some of whom will be hard of hearing so increased volume output and clarity of sound is important. I need to talk to someone who can help identify what speakers I can use taking into account size of required speakers (dimensions), output and power requirements. I will probably have to build a casing and holder to house the speakers and slot the tablet into the case but I really need help to identify the best solution.

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You're facing some interesting problems here.

Most tablets just don't have the power to support larger external speakers. In addition the nature of tablets will make it hard to mount the speakers in an alignment that the person you want the output to be heard (focused).

I bought a UE Boom to improve my iPad experience. It does a good job so you could go with a Bluetooth speaker that the person can place directly in front of them selves, which is the ideal placement. Building a holder to support the speaker may make the weight issue a problem if they are holding the tablet.

The other option is to try one of the newer Pro series iPads which have much better speakers built-in as this was a sour point of the older models lack of good sound.

Lastly, some newer hearing aids offer Bluetooth service or using a set of wired headphone may make the experience better as you would have less cross-noise in an open space with others.

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Thanks for your answer Dan. The tablet is being assembled in China to my spec and under my control. I am also designing a holder for the tablet to also enclose the chosen speakers (once selected). My challenge is the selection of the appropriate speakers. It is a matter of speaker size versus sound and quality output coupled with power required. If there is any person out there that has the specialist skill (that I don't have) to advise me that would be brilliant. Cheers for your input Dan - appreciated.


Also Dan, I should have said that the tablet in its holder is designed not to be moved by the elderly user and is going to be plugged into the mains 24/7. Weight is therefore not an issue. Thank you.


@sarthington - Ah! That does make things much easier!

Then a simple amplifier with what ever 8 Ohm speaker you want to use should do it connecting via the headphone jack.

- Pyle PHA25 3.5mm / 1/8'' 2 Channel 300 Watt Stereo Audio Amplifier Amp and a 12volt AC adapter to power it.

- 8 Ohm Speakers


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