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7.9 inch display iPad Mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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Was on charging and suddenly turned off

My ipad was on charging it was 56% after 1 hour i checked notifications and all it was completely fine then after half hour I checked it, it was not opening i tried many ways that on/off button thing but no response... My ipad's right side is little heated like very little .... The problem is it is not backedup so i dont want to restore .. I wanna know whats the problem

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The Battery or The Charging Port May Have Gone Bad. Its a Possibility Try Shining A Flashlight At The Screen To See If You See A Dim Image. That Would Indicate A Different Problem If You See Somthing.

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If You See Image When You Shine Flashlight On It That Means Backlight Fuse Most likely Went Out Thats Not An Easy Fix


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