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Battery won't go past 3% and no charger light

I have a MacBook Air a1304, 2.13ghz and it has 2 problems.

1: the charger light does not come on, but it does charge.

2:the battery never got past 3%, it runs fine but doesn't go past that.

When I was taking it apart I chipped off a capacitor, it was something like c2555 or c3555 or like that. Could this be related?

Other than that, it works fine. All it needs is a hard drive and a LCD bezel and it will work.

Block Image

it's charging with a power of 0.9 watts... That's probibly not normal.

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Could you try running the Apple Hardware Test following the instructions here: ? Preform the test with your charger connected, and let us know of the outcome. Thanks


How do I do that? I don't have the hdd and it was running a Ubuntu live cd.


Turn the device off. Disconnect all devices other than the charger. Turn on your mac then immediately hold down the D key. Keep holding this key until you see a pixelized image of a computer. When this appears release the key and select your language. Select "Perform extended testing" then press return to start the test. It's all explained in the Apple Article I linked above.


@gigabit87898 please let us know the boardview number for this. Did you try an SMC reset and test battery?


@reecee its 820-2375-A and I tried smc reset, new battery, etc. also the component was c5550


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Replace C5550 and this should resolve your issue (if you knock something off the board, always check what it is and replace it. It is there for a reason!)

Looking at the schematic, C5550 is on the PP3V3_S0 line for input on U5550. I am not too familiar with this model, since I rarely work on it, but it looks like this circuit is a temperature sensor for the power supply, and U5550 communicates with the SMC via SMBUS_SMC_B_S0_SDA and SMBUS_SMC_B_S0_SCL, then the SMC allows the battery to charge if it has communication with U5550 and the other sensors.

At a guess, I would assume the PP3V3_S0 voltage is not constant and has the occasional dip in voltage due to the missing C5550, at which point it U5550 shorts to ground via the alert pin. The SMC is unable to communicate with this sensor, and therefore doesn't think it is ok to charge the battery. Replacing C5550 will ensure the chip is getting a constant voltage with no dips, so the temperature circuit will communicate with the SMC.

I'm not 100%, but I think this is the general gist of it :)

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Thanks, I was actually measuring for pp3v3 when I chipped it off, guess I was pushing too hard on the chip with my multimeter probe... Where could I get that chip? Is there a same capacitor on an iPhone board? I have a lot of broken iPhone boards, but only one broken Mac board and it's a a1181


Also another issue, it will not charge when it is off but when it is on but the lid closed it will charge (albeit slowly)


Also is this related to the MagSafe light not coming on? Or is it just a defective charger?


@gigabit87898 ctrl+f "C5550" in the schematic, and it will show you the values. Copy one of the values (for example, the uf value), then ctrl+f it in iPhone schematics to see if you can find one. Obviously, make sure it is the same casing, voltage, etc as the MacBook one. If you can't find one, order it from farnell/mouser/digikey.

The temperature circuit uses PP3V3_S0, which is for when the MacBook is on. When the MacBook is asleep, it is in an S3 state, so not using this temperature circuit. Not charging in an S5 state presents another issue.

Dim green light can be related to the charger, charger port, adapter sense (onewire), PP3V42_G3H not communicating with the charger/SMC, bad SMC, the list goes on... Replace the capacitor first and take it from there. Again, I'm not very familiar with this model, so you will have to look for clues on the board, check out the charging circuit in the schematic and try to figure it out


@reecee i am typing this on the macbook and the battery drain seem preety fast and the fans are on high, also the charger light isnt dim green, it is not on at all. also do you know if this hard drive will work in this?


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