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I have a 1998 camaro I am hearing a loud knocking sound.

It's knocking like it has no oil in it. I change the oil 2mos ago. I have not started it anymore. I need to get it fix l. What could it be?

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Congrats owning a nice car such as that. I'm a truck/van guy so I can only speculate what's happening.

If your oil is not low, car not over heating, or sluggish to boost off (manual or auto) nine times out of ten with Cameros it's a loose converter bolt, flexplate issue or cracked flywheel.

You didn't mention if the knock can be heard only from inside, with hood open or only while driving. If it were a piston knocking under the hood you'd hear it knocking a mile away.


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When my hood is close are open I can hear it. I had just got it out the shop I had a new radiator put it in. And I got my oil changed 2mos ago. They it puts up I heard it when it putted in my driveway.


When I here that I stop driving it.


The oil was low.


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