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Model M4753 / 233, 250, 266, 292, or 300 MHz G3 processor

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SuperDrive-Best place to download driver and best driver for OS 8.6

Mac G3 Wallstreet

I purchased a used G3 Wallstreet to try to get some old postscript fonts off install disks. It didn't have a floopy drive so I purchased a SuperDrive. IFixIt says there a free drivers needed. Where is the best place to get the drivers needed for OS 8.6 and how do I install. The Internet connectivity is worthless because of the IE v5.1.

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Is this what you bought? [prodotto collegato mancante o disabilitato: IF103-017-1]

Try plugging in an ethernet cable hooked up to your router or modem.

Do a reinstall of your original OS. I would actually go to 9.2.2 with a retail install disk.

Pre-Installed MacOS: 8.0 Maximum MacOS: X 10.2.8

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