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BT Mouse, touchpad n system. They'll move and freeze, move and freeze.

Product number E0W59UA#ABA. BT Mouse and touchpad. Both will move and freeze, move and freeze for 5-10 min upon start-up. The system itself will load a program, stutter/hang a bit too now that I think about it. I have tried going into the device manager and removing the check box for Generic USB Hub under "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" (I have two). Less than 24hrs ago I did a complete fresh install, updated all drivers/Windows 10, and the latest BIO for my system. I Used HP Support Assistant for all drivers, but I had to go to HP for drivers because the Assistant said all was up to date. Device Manager shows no issues or conflicts. I have been building and repairing computers for 25 years, but I am kinda rusty for the last 5 years. I have tried to have my Bluetooth items (Mouse and speaker) off until the system fully boots, nothing different. When I turn the system on, it seems to start just before the lock screen. Occasionally, I lock the system and when I go to unlock it, same thing. Whatever I type and or move the mouse during these "Hiccups", the system remembers the characters and puts them in, or the mouse where I expect it to go. I Have tried using a wired USB mouse, no help. After the system catches up, I will have no issues and it runs fine. I will take any feedback I can get.

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Have you tried starting in "safe mode" and see what happens?

When you say "I Have tried using a wired USB mouse, no help" what do you mean? USB mouse without the BT mouse or with it? Have you tried using a USB mouse without any BT connection at all?

Can you try the external BT hardware (mouse and touchpad) with another PC to eliminate it as the cause of the problem?


Yes on the mouse . NO bluetooth. Also if I undock the tablet and dock it. Everything is fine. I'm thinking power Mgmnt, or touch pad issue. Still have to try safe mode...


Hi, Interesting that you say that undocking / docking the keyboard / touchpad solves it. I'm wondering if it is a conflict between the 'touchscreen' and the touchpad. (if I have got the model right).

Here is some info I which hopefully will not lead you astray regarding solving touchscreen problems in HP with Win10. At worst you may have only lost a bit of time checking it out and if it is no good then apologies.

"Check Mice and Other Pointing Devices in Device Manager and see if there is a listing for a USB touchscreen controller. Right click on the listing and select Update driver. When you get to browse my computer, you'll have the option to "let me choose" and then you select "usb input device" instead of "touchscreen controller."


Don't ask me why, but a combination of the prior posts of mine:

"Expand ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ and you should find 2 entries for ‘Generic USB Hub"

"Starting up in safe mode, then shut down"

"Safely remove and eject media on the task bar, and Eject Docking Station. Remove the "Tablet" for a few seconds and redock it."

These three things combined FOR ME, seems to have done it. I will check in later today, and tomorrow morning and see if it is an answer.


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Might be a bit of a stretch, but I've seen this kind of behaviour once with a laptop that had a dying hard drive.

Could you check if any of the SMART attributes are displaying warnings with GSmartControl? If any of the lines in the 'Attributes' tab are red, especially "Current Pending Sector" and "Reallocated Sector Count", your system could start to experience these 'hiccups' as it tries to re-attempt a failed read / write routine.

You can download GSmartControl here:, the diagnostics screen looks like this:

Block Image

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It is a solid state drive, so I didn't expect any issues. Worth a try at least. Thank, Though.




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