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Computer not turning on, power button pushed in

My dell inspiron, the 11 inch convertible computer, wont turn on. I had it in my backpack and I'm guessing the power button was faced down, and it got jammed. When I got the button out again, it still wouldn't turn on, and would push in too far again. I don't know what to do. This the problem with my charger or the actual computer?

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Sounds like the sub connection to the button may have come loose or broken.

This is the actual click button that is behind the one you physically press in.

1. Close the display and turn the computer over.

2. Remove the screw cover located at the center of the base cover.

3. Remove the 9 Screws on the base cover.

4. use a pick to pry the base cover off of the computer, releasing several plastic clips.

Once the back cover is off, you will need to remove the battery from the unit.

Following the removal of the battery, follow the below steps to remove / reset / replace the power board.

Block Image

Reverse the procedure to re-assemble the PC.

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