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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Distorted display & won't start, 2 days to late for ext warr repair


After having a wonderful New Years weekend without any time to use my MBP, my week and the year 2017 started very badly.

My beloved MBP 15inch 2011 showed a pink start screen with the Apple logo in the middle on Monday morning 2nd of January. After completing the loading bar, my Mac showed a grey/white screen and got stuck and didn't do a thing.

After trying a lot of key combinations in the startup sequence, nothing worked, over time it ended in the same grey/white screen and got stuck. Even trying to do a fresh installation om MacOS or the recovery mode didn't do a thing, over time the same grey/white screen.

After searching the internet I found (by luck) the article about the extended warranty repair program for this kind of problems (a common problem with these kind of MBPs).

So as fast as I could, I called the Apple support. After explaining the problem, different consults between the advisor and the senior advisor, they told me the bad news... again bad news. I was exactly 2 days to late with noticing the problem, and 4 days to late with calling them. There is no way to help me, because the repair program only ran till the 31th of December 2016 in the Netherlands.

Being a real pro-apple person the last 10 years (different iPods, iPads, Macbook pros, airport expresses, time capsule) I'm very disappointed by the fact that I can trow away (or let my MBP repaired min. costs €500,- Which I have to pay all by myself) my MacBook Pro because of the fact I didn't touched my macbook pro from the 30th of December till the 2nd of January and didn't have the time to notice the problem sooner.

Hopefully you can help me find a way to start 2017 a lot much better than how it started last Monday.

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Soluzione Prescelta

You'll need to go directly to an Apple Store and speak with one of the geniuses. Even though you missed the deadline you still have a chance (a small one). You want to go to the store just after the morning rush but before Lunch during a weekday (ASAP).

Bring your MacBook Pro and leave your anger at home!

What you want to do is show them a clean system one that is loved (physically). Be polite but firm. If you are a woman use your tears ;-} Often the geniuses will be swayed into extending a program a few days. If they won't budge ask politely to speak with the manager sometimes you need to tug a little.

Even if you fail to get it for free its still best to let them fix it if you can get them to cover the parts cost and you cover the labor (bench fee) as you won't be able to get it fixed any cheaper.

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