Charge Alcatel One Fierce XL w/ bent prongs (2 red and 2 black wires)


So some idiot bent the prongs on my moms phone so I took it upon myself to take it apart and was planning on connecting the red and black wires in my cord to the red and black (positive and negative) where the battery connects inside but there is 6 wires. In order there is a white then 2 black then a white and 2 red. Not sure if I need to connect one red wire in cord to the 2 red in the phone and same with the black or what. It is not labeled positive or negative on the battery it just has a + and a - in the middle of the battery not near the wires.

Also I was thinking of shaving off some of the rubber on the wires in between the battery and where they connect to the board since it plugs in top down and looks like it would be too tough to plug in where they do. Thank you! Im sure this will help someone else out there. Battery says C250028C2 but I have also seen 5054N as the model Number for the battery.

Link to a pic of one.

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i know usually the positive is usually the one closest to the wall on the left side but for some reason some alcatels are the opposite. please help


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