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Horizontal White Lines appears after a while

This problem is a little trick. When this iPhone 5 unlock it is normal until 2s, after that some lines shows up and keep there. I have already replaced the battery, flex cable and the last one was the display from china. I really don´t know why the owner was so cute with this little iPhone. kkk

Could anyone help me?

Block Image

Block Image

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Thats 100% bad display, seen it countless times

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I am not sure what is the reason, but I am almost sure that is the display.


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If it's not the display, which it sounds like you're using cheap parts, then take a look at the digitizer socket, see if it looks clean and in good condition

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Hello iMedic,

Yes, I am using cheap parts to replace it.

I took the display out to look better.

*I upload a picture and a new video above.

The digitizer socket looks ok, just on the plastic around I can see

some scratches. I have tested another display before that with no problem.

Anyway, Could be these scratches the reason of the problem?

The trick I cannot understand is why the iPhone starts ok then some seconds later get it worst.


I know people get particular about the parts that they use. It's fine if you want to use whichever brand works for you. But have you tried using a quality display, to rule out the display being an issue?


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