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Lanciato il 24 ottobre 2011 / processori quad-core Intel Core i7 da 2,2, 2,4 o 2,5 GHz

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MacBook Pro Restarting/Shutting Down/Sleeping randomly. Heatsink?

A few months ago I replaced my late 2011 logic board with a mid-2012 one because my logic board died . I removed the old heatsink from the 2011 board and put it on the new board. Everything fit perfectly and I put it all back together.

I am reading from other similar issues that this could be a heatsink issue. Could someone elaborate on what the actual problem might be with the heatsink or if it could be an issue with my application of the paste? I don't think it's the temperature. It never gets that hot.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Put the old board back in and take it to an ASP and have them replace the logic board for free under this program:

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