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Not restoring and not accepting new screen?

Hello guys

Here I have strange question.

I got iphone 5 with U16 ic missing. It won't restore and it won't work with new lcds. I tried to install new LCD (few of them)and is not working with any other than the LCD that is with.

Also when I try to restore comes back with error 4005, 4015 or it just stay on apple logo and little spinning circle that is frozen.

Any ideas appreciated.

Thank you

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I did disconnect the front camera flex and it didn't change nothing.


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U16 is the compass IC. It is connected to the CPU so perhaps the phone won't start unless it is present.

Can you clarify if the phone works normally with the original screen but not any replacements?

Have you replaced U16 or verified if any other components are missing? Perhaps your PP1V8 line is damaged.

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Sorry for late reply.

The actual U16 is missing and most of the tracks are damaged.

The phone connect to itune go through the restore and then give me numerous errors. The funny part is that with new screen doesn't display anything. If I put the old screen back I can see connect to itunes icon but not with any other screen.

Unfortunately I am not really good in motherboard level and have no idea what it is PP1V8 line?

I got this phone as broken to try to fix it :) Unfortunately no luck here

Thank you for your reply


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