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Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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time machine couldnt back up My Passport Air

an error occured while creating the backup folder

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What are you trying to back up? What operating system? What back up program? How is the Passport formatted. Has it ever worked?


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The file system on most USB external HDD's is some form of FAT or NTFS and may not be supported by the time machine software. I ran into a similar compatibility issue a while back using a time machine style backup software (back in time) on a linux system. These style systems rely heavily on symbolic links to do the magic they do. I will never again make the mistake of using a filesystem not designed for solid reliable back up use. I have since used gparted to repartition that particular device and put an EXT filesystem on it for future use. You may be able to work around your issue by taking a similar approach. You do give up portability to non linux systems with such an approach. Good luck with that project.

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