Emptied email trashcan, time capsule o files? Where's my backups?

Hi accidentally deleted thousands of emails, I usually don't use Mac, always on iPad and iPad Pro and use another app for emails. I'm not that MAC smart, that's why I avoid, but via web advice went to find and restore under time capsule, but there is not one file there and I purchased in 11/13, shouldn't there be back ups there? Also I know another subject but I tried to find my data in iCloud, which is out of storage, 0 files there, none in iCloud Drive though it's turned on? I'm so confused, can anyone give me some advice? I'm not an idiot, college educated but not a IT worker either, can follow steps though. Thank you

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What method did you use to sync your emails, IMAP or POP? Basically, if you used POP then your emails on the Mac were only downloaded copies from your provider (hotmail, googlemail, etc. whichever one you used). If it's IMAP then your Mac was just mapping for was on the provider's website. If you deleted it off your Mac then it'll be deleted off your provider too. iCloud backups wouldn't have backed them up because they were never physically on your Mac in the first instance - they were just being displayed from your email provider.


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