Can I reconnect touch controller cable?

Surface pro 3 had weird issues with touch (jumping all over the place). Teardown revealed that part of the touch controller cable is disconnected (it was bent a bit, I think it was a previously botched repair attempt). I see the touch controller cable has glue all around it. I am going to try cleaning the disconnected part and reattach the cable using non-conductive glue. Should I look for a replacement digitizer for that piece? I think at current prices it will be cheaper to replace the entire device.

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I've replaced a few Microsoft Surface Pro 3 screens.

The digitizer (touch screen) cable plugs in via ribbon cable on board and screen side.

The LCD cable plug connects via flex cable and the end of it sits on pins with a screw on top to make sure it contacts and makes the connection.

If the glass is cracked it will interfere with the touch screen of the screen. Which then in result you will need to buy a new screen which comes with the LCD together.

If I remember correctly it's around $330 USD just for the part.

Personally I don't think it is worth repairing at all.


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