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Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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Is my HP Probook 4510s over heating?

Hey, i have three problems with my HP ProBook 4510s.

1) After periods of time with extensive gaming use of my laptop, it randomly shuts down in an instant without warning. I was wondering if this is due to over heating? i looked up google stuff to see if i could find a way to open this laptop to check if there is extensive amount of dust inside, but i fail to be able to find a way in. Also just after it shuts down, the base is extremely hot.

2) If my screens brightness is set to around 50% or higher, the laptops back light turns off. everything is still running because i can only just see it in some lights, but otherwise i cant see anything.

3) If the battery is not at 100% and i go to play a game, the same as problem 1 occurs with the instant-no-warning shutting down. This problem does not occur at 100% battery or when no battery is connected.

Other this i have noticed:

About twice the laptop basically coughed... yea, dust came out in splutters, it was relay weird and made me jump. LOL.

Problem 2 can be fixed if i connect an external monitor to my laptop.

I find it pointless using my external laptop fan when the air goes up, seeing that the laptops vents are on the side.

Thanks in advance! :)


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Here is the service manual that may help you to get it cleaned out as for the rest of your issues. it does sound like a battery issue to me. Possible not holding a complete charge. That is why you probably do not have the problem when you are on AC power. I would think a new battery would help out. But of course those are just my 2 cents....good luck and let us know.

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Ok guys, I've found out that problem 1 was now related to problem 3 the whole time! didn't realize the battery wasn't at 100% >,<

since its been 100% it hasn't crashed at all! still wondering if anyone can lend some advice on 2 and 3 then please.

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What did you do to resolve problem 1? I have been having the same issue.


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Over heating is one of the most common problems in HP Printer. In most cases, overheating is caused by the accumulation of dust particle in the computer. Try clearing it up or use CoolSense on your HP 4510 Printer.

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