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Apple ha lanciato il MacBook Pro 15" Retina con un nuovo display con risoluzione 2880 per 1800 pixel.

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Polish the trackpad due to uneven patch

Hi folks!

Today I received back my MacBook Pro 15" from maintenance service due to water damage. The technicians replaced the upper case including the keyboard, battery and trackpad. The trackpad may be a refurbished item because there is a little uneven path on it .

I won't bring it to maintenance again because I have to wait minimum two weeks again until themy 'may' decide to replace or not... and I expect they won't.

Is there any possibility to polish the trackpad? It is no deep scratch and you can't even see it. You can just feel it. It feels like it is some dirt on it of dirty cocolate-fingers.

It would be very nice if you were able to help me.

Thank you, have a nice Sunday and kind regard from Germany


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If you have isopropyl alcohol, try rubbing down the trackpad and see if that cleans any uneven surfaces. If not, you can purchase a cheap vinyl skin to not only cover the trackpad, but to also give it a nice custom look. I would not recommend anything like sandpaper or any manual polishing that can give the surface an even more uneven feeling. Dbrand makes very high quality skins that you can check out here for your touchpad.

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