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Why is my tablet not turning on?

I recently bought a Insignia Flex Elite tablet online. The other day it froze and shut off while I was using it. Since this was a reoccurring instance I just left it alone on it's charger I usually use. The next morning I tried turning it on, but it fails to respond to anything I do.

Here's what I've done:

-Plug into original charger

-Use a paperclip/tool (I have a tool for these things) to push the reset button . No dice.

-Hard reset via the power button, up/down ( I tried them both) for 10-30 seconds) also didn't work.

-Left it to charge for several hours, still would not turn on. I changed outlets, plugs, everything except a sacrifice.

My boyfriend has the same tablet but did not have this same problem (yet). Mine has been in a case since I first got it, and hasn't been dropped or thrown or exposed to moisture. It also had a full battery when it died.

Any information is helpful! I've scoured the internet with not much luck, so I hope for some information!

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You say that you recently bought the tablet.

Since you have tried to reset the tablet using all the approved methods and these failed to restore the tablet to a working condition, I suggest that you verify the purchase date of the tablet and then consult the manufacturer's warranty documentation that came with the tablet as to what you have to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.

If you cannot find the documentation (it's in the User Guide), here is a link to the warranty provisions for your tablet. This is from the User Guide. Scroll down to click on the Next Page tab to read the remainder of the warranty information when you have finished reading this page.

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