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Introdotto il 19 settembre 2014, questo iPhone con schermo da 4,7" è la versione più piccola dell'iPhone 6 Plus. Identificato dai numeri modello A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone flat battery won't charge

I recently upgraded my phone and left my old iPhone 6 in a draw. It was working perfectly fine before so I guess has just completely discharged its battery over the last couple of weeks.

I've just tried to charge it and it won't. I've tested several chargers and cables, checked the charging port for debris, and everything is fine. It just wont charge.

Any thoughts or ideas as to how I can get this device to charge again.


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Have you tried leaving it in for charging for some time?


It's been on charge overnight and still nothing.


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If batteries drop below a certain amount of voltage then they won't charge.

You could try charging it for a few hours, as this sometimes gets it back up.

Or you could try replacing the battery.

If you have used cheap cables on it, then you will have more than likely damaged the tristar chip/U2 IC, and it would need replacing by someone who can microsolder. :-)

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sometimes you can "wake up" batteries that have fallen below the charging threshold by using a 9 volt PP3 battery. connect the positive to positive and the negative to negative for a few minutes. Usually does not take longer than 10-15min. this will provide enough of a charge to the iPhone battery to wake it up:-)


Yes this is probably the best solution I agree because it's better than buying one of those Apple Battery Fast Charging Activation Test Fixture to re-activate the battery once it goes to a critically low voltage.


Excellent solution. Thank you so much! God Bless You!


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